As the summer begins, Metro Vancouver’s housing market maintains its upward trajectory, with home prices continuing to rise. The combination of robust buyer demand and limited inventory has contributed to this ongoing trend. Let’s delve into the latest updates from the Real Estate Board of Greater Vancouver (REBGV) and explore how the different segments of the market are faring.

Vancouver’s Housing Market – Apartments Lead the Way

Among the various housing segments, apartments have demonstrated notable strength in June. Sales of apartment homes surpassed the region’s ten-year seasonal average, while the benchmark price for these properties is inching closer to the peak recorded in 2022. Meanwhile, the sales of detached and attached homes remained below their respective seasonal averages.


與急切的買家相比,大溫哥華地區繼續面臨轉售庫存稀缺的問題。 這種供需之間的根本失衡是所有細分市場價格持續逐月上漲的主要驅動力。 儘管借貸成本較高,但購房者仍面臨著缺乏選擇的充滿挑戰的市場。

Vancouver's Housing Market


隨著公寓基準價現已達到 767,000 CAD,REBGV 再次呼籲省政府調整首次購房者的房產轉讓稅免稅門檻。 目前設定為 525,000 CAD,這一門檻未能反映該地區入門級房價的實際情況。 這項政策的調整可以提高有抱負的房主的負擔能力。


2023年6月,大溫哥華地區住宅銷售量較上年大幅增長21.1%。 然而,這一數字低於 10 年季節性平均水平 8.6%。 本月共售出 2,988 套房屋。

2023 年 6 月的新掛牌量較上一年微增 1.3%,共有 5,348 套待售房產(包括獨立式、聯排式和公寓)。 然而,這一數字仍低於 10 年季節性平均水平 3.1%。

Currently, the MLS® system in Metro Vancouver lists 9,990 homes for sale, representing a 7.9% decrease from June 2022. However, it is important to note that this figure remains significantly lower than the 10-year seasonal average by 17.4%.

The sales-to-active listings ratio for June 2023 stood at 31.4% across all property types, indicating a seller’s market. By property type, detached homes had a ratio of 20.9%, townhomes had 38.5%, and apartments had 39.4%.


Metro Vancouver’s housing market is experiencing a continued surge in home prices, primarily driven by limited supply and high buyer demand. The apartment segment has shown exceptional strength, surpassing sales expectations and nearing previous price peaks. With the market dynamics favoring sellers, aspiring homeowners face ongoing challenges in finding affordable options. Policy adjustments to enhance first-time buyer affordability have been proposed to address this issue.